Issue 39


Facing disappointment

Dealing with disappointment is a key life skill all children must develop. Alastair Speers, Headmaster of Sandroyd, looks at why parents must step back and try not to always shield their children from failure.


Preserving childhood

It is easy for parents to look back on their childhood with nostalgia. Sophie Banks, Headmistress of Eton End School, explores how we can preserve the best of childhood with the realities of the modern world.


Don't worry, be happy!

Parents take comfort in the belief that the most important thing is for their child to be happy at school. But is this really enough? Gareth Jones, Head of St. Andrew's Prep Eastbourne, looks at both sides.


A voice in society

Pupils have long sought to express their views through a school council but as Sue Hincks, Head of Bolton School Girls' Division discovers, the debates today are firmly focussed on big global issues.


The super-curriculum

As pupils progress, the tendency to specialise should always be balanced with ensuring breadth of study. James Priory, Headmaster of Tonbridge, examines how 'super-curriculums' can help.


Acceptable ambition

It is only natural to want the best for your child but how do you ensure that parental ambition is in line with your child's needs? Matthew O'Reilly, Head of St Mary's Junior School in Cambridge, explains.

Editorial: Mixed messages

Many years ago, I remember talking to a well-known prep school headmaster. Being somewhat new to the nuances of the education world, I put it to him that teaching prep school children represented a unique challenge. 'Oh no' was his instant response.

Mind the funding gap

Julie Robinson looks at the teacher pensions shortfall and its impact on our schools.

The truly beautiful game

The traditional image of chess is wrong says Richard Cairns, Head Master of Brighton College. Chess offers pupils an opportunity to grow in confidence and learn new skills.

Going beyond exams

No longer is examination success the passport to a successful and fulfilling life – it's more complex than that, as James Barnes, PSB General Secretary, explains.

Views from Edinburgh

Ten Edinburgh independent schools commissioned a report showing the contribution they make to the local economy. John Edward, Director of SCIS, discusses the findings.