Issue 38


In schools we trust

The critical relationship between parents and schools is one of trust. Dominic Floyd, Head of Prep at Mount Kelly, looks at how online forums and messaging groups can significantly erode this.


Getting enough sleep?

Some children struggle to get off to sleep and as a result this can become a cause of stress and anxiety for parents. Jane Prescott, Headmistress of Portsmouth High School GDST, offers some advice.


Is it really worth it?

Sending your child to a prep school is a very serious financial outlay but the benefits are considerable. Sally Weber-Spokes, Head of Yarrells School, explains why prep education is worth every penny.


Engineering the future

Engineering has never been regarded as a subject applicable for prep school age children but, as Nigel Helliwell, Headmaster of St Faith's in Cambridge explains, the benefits for pupils are enormous.


Diversity in schools

Attending a truly diverse school gives pupils significant benefits for later life. Rose Hardy, Headmistress of St Margaret's School, looks at how schools can provide an environment which supports all children.


News as homework

One of the best ways to improve a child's general knowledge of the world is to read a newspaper, says Jane Lunnon, Head of Wimbledon High School GDST. So why not set newspapers as homework?

Editorial: Futureproofing

Matthew Smith explores the future of work and how parents can help children to grasp the unpredictable world ahead of them.

Strength in numbers

Julie Robinson highlights the findings of a report on the value of independent schools.

Variety and choice

Christopher King highlights why curriculum freedom is so important for prep schools.

Time for a school dog?

Specially trained school dogs can have a hugely positive impact on a prep school community. Mark Hammond, Head of Skippers Hill Manor Prep, explains the benefits.

Valuing friendships

Charlotte de la Peña, Deputy Head (Pastoral) of St James Senior Girls', looks at a fresh approach to the difficult issue of trying to solve pupil friendship problems.

Teaching leadership

Opportunities for a child to develop leadership skills are limited. John Gilmour, Head of Craigclowan Prep in Perthshire, argues it is time everyone has the chance to lead.

What is English?

Tim Hands looks at English and concludes it’s a subject of secondary importance.