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Swanbourne House

We seek to appoint an outstanding teacher to teach English across the 9 – 13 age range.

The English Department prides itself on its innovative and collaborative culture, passion for literature and commitment to inspiring students to fulfil their considerable potential.

THE DEPARTMENT consists of the Head of English, one full time and part time members of staff who are housed in the Evans building, which is located opposite the library. All our lessons are 1 hour long; pupils in KS2 have 5 hours of English per week, whereas KS3 have 4 hours.


These small and very able classes will be sitting scholarship examinations to get into their chosen senior schools. Our pupils tend to go onto Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Radley, Stowe, Bloxham and Oundle. Although the content is the same as Years 7 and 8, each lesson contains much more stretch and challenge. It is possible to have quality debates and discussions in these classes.


• To encourage and stimulate the pupils to achieve excellence in all their endeavours and to expect the highest standards.

• To foster a love of English through planning and delivering stimulating lessons.

• Teach English to pupils in Years 5-8, including pupils who will be sitting Academic Scholarships in Year 8.

• To prepare lessons in line with the agreed curriculum and schemes of work in English

• To assist and support the Head of Department by developing and sharing new schemes of work and resources, assisting with general administrative duties and other reasonable tasks.

• Support pupils taking Academic Scholarship Entrance Examinations. Please note that as of September 2019, we moved to the PSB Assessment Framework for pupils in Year 7.

• To ensure that the pupils’ work is presented and maintained in an organised and accessible format.

• To create an atmosphere within the classroom and surrounding corridor that will encourage learning. This will include the displaying of pupils’ work, posters and pictures as appropriate, keeping them up to date and refreshed

• To mark and assess the pupils’ work and progress in line with the school and departmental policies and to record assessments in a clear and informative manner.

• To report progress to parents at Parents’ Evenings and in written reports.

• Have an understanding of how to support those who need additional help in English

• To liaise with the SEND department about pupils’ individual needs.

• To ensure that IEPs are managed and maintained effectively.

• Promote school initiatives in classroom teaching activities.

• Participate in subject specific INSET and undertake appropriate further training (and pass relevant information on to colleagues) as part of the professional development programme.

• Promote and help to organise a range of events to develop a love and raise the profile of English.


• To act as a Personal and Form Tutor with academic oversight and direct pastoral responsibility for those pupils

• To monitor closely the behaviour of the pupils in the Personal and Form Tutor groups and to deal with any inappropriate behaviour, in consultation with senior staff members

• To encourage and reward the pupils for good behaviour, using a variety of different and appropriate methods

• To communicate effectively and regularly with parents and other staff by responding in a timely manner to emails and queries


• To perform break time, lunchtime and evening duties as required

• To organise and run clubs as required of all staff (inclusive of some Saturdays)

• To supervise pupils during assemblies

• To assist with the organisation and running of trips and events when necessary

• To have oversight of the Library and Accelerated Reader Programme


• Educated to degree level in English

• To be a qualified teacher with QTS status

• Experience of teaching English at Key Stage 2 and 3

• Knowledge of Senior School Entrance examinations and access arrangements is desirable, but not essential

• In all areas of school life, staff are expected to lead by example and demonstrate and uphold the values and principles that we wish the pupils to learn


• Assist with the co-curricular programme

• Work as part of the staff team and be a positive member of the Staff Room

• Participate in the general day to day activities of the school as a whole and undertake a share of the staff duties, which includes one evening per week

• Support the Games department on a Wednesday afternoon

• Support the aims and ethos of the school, and contribute to and support the spiritual side of school life. All teachers are expected to attend assemblies, departmental and staff meetings, parents’ evenings, open days, sports day, speech day and INSET days. Attendance for other important events will be negotiated in advance

Apply via our Teaching Application form, which can be found on our school website https://www.swanbourne.org/vacancies-2/, any enquiries on your application please contact Hollie Licqurish, HR Assistant on 01296720264 or via email personnel@swanbourne,.org

Further Information


Job Details

  • Location: Buckinghamshire
  • Term: Full-time
  • Closing Date: 01 October 2020
  • Salary: Competitive


School Details

  • Founded: 1920
  • Boys' Boarding: 44 (7- 13)
  • Girls' Boarding: 38 (7- 13)
  • Total Pupils: 382