Newbridge Preparatory School

West Midlands
Boys (2 - 7)
Girls (2 - 11)

Newbridge Preparatory School, for girls aged two to eleven years old and boys aged two to seven years old, is a very special place.

Our purpose as a modern preparatory school is to offer an excellent standard of education for our pupils, balancing traditional values with high quality teaching and learning. As we are not linked to a senior school, we pride ourselves on being the only truly independent ‘Prep’ school in Wolverhampton. We are a small, personal school where everyone knows everyone else – just like a family. We foster an environment in which children can grow in confidence, learning honesty, consideration, loyalty and openness.

About the school

Small School - where quality of education matters

Our small school has a well justified reputation as a friendly, family school. Excellent relationships between children and staff lie at the heart of the school’s success and there are shared expectations for striving towards academic excellence, whilst ensuring that all children are nurtured to be their very best as individuals, whatever their varied strengths. Close relationships are a significant characteristic of life at Newbridge. Children and parents alike feel secure when they know they are part of a small community where everyone knows everyone. With small, average class sizes of eighteen and one form entry, each child is treated as an individual, and valued both for who they are and who they could become.

Primary School Specialists with exceptional results

As the only stand-alone independent preparatory school in Wolverhampton, we are dedicated to focussing only on children age two-eleven years. Our primary aged children are at the heart of all that we do, providing an exceptional start in life. Every child is different and unique and it is at this young age that excellent foundations are laid, and a sense of aspiration created. In our primary school environment, children grow quickly in confidence and their individual characters and skills develop giving time before decisions about the next stage of their education are taken. Our older girls also benefit from having the chance to be leaders, to mentor younger children and take on responsibilities as the oldest children within the school

Creating a choice at 11+

Invest now and you will have far more options when your child is eleven. In and around Wolverhampton, we are fortunate to have diversity of choice across both state and independent sectors for senior schools. Newbridge Preparatory School has well-established links with many of these schools, and we are well experienced in methods of transfer and entry into them. Our experience and expertise enable us to match our knowledge of these senior schools to the children we teach and nurture. We work closely with parents to identify the next school in which each individual child will truly flourish – we will help you find the right school for your child at the right time in their development.


Key Facts

  • Total Pupils: 136
  • Day Fees: £1075 to £2640/term

Open Days

No Forthcoming Events

Scholarships, Bursaries & Fees

At Newbridge Preparatory School, excellence is encouraged across the breadth of school life, both academic and extra-curricular. One of the main vehicles for such encouragement is the offer of 7+ Scholarships to those who show outstanding potential on entry to Year Three – Upper School. A 7+ Scholarship will normally be limited to a maximum of 10% of the fees. Any awards made at 7+ will normally continue throughout a girl’s time at Newbridge Preparatory School, provided that she continues to perform and contribute to school life. In exceptional circumstances, further awards may be made above this level by means of a Bursary, calculated on the basis of financial need. Further details of Bursaries, and how to apply, can be found on the Newbridge Preparatory School website.

If you are interested in applying for a 7+ Scholarship, please contact Miss Taylor, School Registrar on 01902 751088 to discuss this further.

Fees Information

The Directors at Newbridge Preparatory School understand that the current financial situation is a significant challenge for many parents choosing Independent Education and strive to keep the fees as low as possible.

At Newbridge Preparatory School we are fortunate to have highly trained staff and small class sizes. Newbridge also offers a wide variety of activities included within the overall fee structure, such as dance lessons, drama lessons, recorders, ensemble and swimming.

We are pleased that we manage to keep the fees to an absolute minimum and offer a very competitively priced education for our pupils. Newbridge Preparatory School continues to represent good value.

If you would like any additional information about our fee structure, please contact Mrs Walker (Office Manager and Financial Administrator) on 01902 751088.

TOTS (2+) *

Full Day (8.00am – 5.25pm)

£44 Full Day (term time only)


Morning (8.00am – 12.45pm)           

£27 per session (term time only)


Afternoon (1.00pm – 5.25pm

£27 per session (term time only)

Nursery (3+)**

5 Full Days (8.30am – 3.15pm)

£1,720 per term


5 Mornings (8.30am – 12.45pm)

£1,075 per term


Afternoon Session (Until 3.15pm)

£210 per afternoon per term


Stand Alone Afternoon Session

£27 per session

Reception (4+)

Full time (8.30am-3.15pm)

£2,090 per term

Year 1 (5+)

Full time (8.30am-3.15pm)

£2,310 per term

Year 2 (6+)

Full time (8.30am-3.15pm)

£2,440 per term

Year 3 (7+)

Full time (8.30am-3.45pm)

£2,630 per term

Year 4 (8+)

Full time (8.30am-3.45pm)

£2,630 per term

Year 5 (9+)

Full time (8.30am-3.45pm)

£2,640 per term

Year 6 (10+)

Full time (8.30am-3.45pm)

£2,640 per term

*TOTS must attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week (minimum)

**Nursery must attend 5 morning sessions per week (minimum)


Admissions Process

If you would like to consider a place for your child at Newbridge Preparatory School, the first thing to do is to contact us via the online contact form or telephone. For a brief introduction to Newbridge Preparatory School and the ethos of the school, please request a copy of our prospectus. We would be delighted to give you a tour of the school. Our Registrar, Miss Taylor, is responsible for all aspects of the admission process and will be happy to assist with any questions you may have. You can contact her either by telephone: 01902 751088, or if you prefer, by email

While this website will give you a feel for Newbridge Preparatory School, you will gain so much more by coming to see us and experiencing our school first hand. We would be delighted to welcome you here for a tour. There are also many aspects of a school community that can only be experienced first-hand; the happiness and politeness of the pupils and the approachability and enthusiasm of the teachers. You are welcome to book a personal visit on any weekday during term time. A visit normally lasts around an hour. You will meet the Headmistress and also have a tour of the school. If you would like to book a visit, Miss Taylor, our School Registrar, will be happy to make the necessary arrangements. Please call: 01902 751088.

After visiting us, if you think your child would enjoy Newbridge Preparatory School, you can formally apply for a place by returning the completed Registration Form and non-refundable registration fee. Once received, this secures a provisional place on our entry lists and ensures that your child will be considered for a place at the school. Please note that in the event of places being oversubscribed, registration for a place does not automatically guarantee that a place will subsequently be offered.
You can access a copy of the Registration Form here.

Once we have received a completed Registration Form and fee, we will write for a reference from your child’s current school if they are in Reception or above. We will also invite you to bring your child for two taster days and an assessment. We hope to make the assessment process as relaxed as possible so that boys and girls are able to perform to the best of their ability and enjoy their two days with us.

The offer of a place will usually be sent out a week after the Taster Days and assessment. For scholarship candidates, this is around two to three weeks after the assessment. The return of the Acceptance Form and deposit completes the entry procedure. The deposit is non-refundable in the event the place is not taken up.

In the term before entry, we will send new pupils and their parents full joining instructions containing detailed information and forms that will require completing and returning. We will also confirm the house pupils have been placed in if they are entering Year One and above.
You may, of course, enter your child for future years but we would not normally complete the offer of place paperwork until the year preceding admission.

Finding out more

51 Newbridge Crescent, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV6 0LH
01902 751088
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Key Facts

  • Total Pupils: 136
  • Day Fees: £1075 to £2640/term

Open Days

No Forthcoming Events