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Broomwood Hall is a iaps school for boys aged 4 to 8 and girls aged 4 to 13.

Broomwood Hall is a co-educational pre-preparatory and preparatory school  located in Wandsworth, London SW, catering for children from the age of 4 until they are ready to go to their next schools at 8 years of age (boys) or 11 or 13 years (girls). There are two pre-preparatory departments which are run in parallel based at The Old Vicarage and 50 Nightingale Lane, SW12 and 3 Garrad's Road in SW16.

The School is run on traditional lines, with a Christian philosophy and ethos. It seeks to provide an unrivalled excellence of education, both inside and outside the classroom, with particular emphasis on

  • self-discipline and confidence

  • a sense of duty and responsibility

  • good manners, courtesy and tolerance of others

The school was originally set up specifically to prepare children for entry to the well known boys' preparatory and (via Common Entrance) girls public schools. Nowadays the majority of our boys go on to our preparatory school Northcote Lodge when thery leave at 8, although we still send a good number to other (mainly London) prep schools, whilst more and more girls opt for the well-known public schools (e.g. Marlborough, Wellington, Bradfield) at 13+, or London Day Schools at either 11+ or 13+.

Broomwood Hall boys have priority of entry to Northcote Lodge, allowing parents and boys to enjoy all the atmosphere and advantages of a country prep school, but here in Wandsworth.

Girls transfer automatically at 8 to the Upper School, which is a girls' preparatory school that mirrors Northcote Lodge in most respects, and follows the same Common Entrance curriculum.

We offer a wide range of subjects that enables every child to shine at something. We encourage the involvement of parents, believing that this benefits both the School and the children's education. There is a representative Parents Association and we work in partnership with parents so that there is a close liaison and parents are aware of their children's marks and progress.

Children vary widely in their abilities and, whilst we set a high academic standard for able children, we also encourage the less able without applying undue pressure. We have a record of success at Common Entrance and scholarship examinations to senior schools that is second to none, and we achieve this without any of the 'pushiness' that is sometimes associated with day schools in London.

We take particular pains to advise and help parents with an appropriate choice of next school. We have close relationships with many schools and have gained a well-deserved reputation for sending them confident, happy, well rounded children.

A Local School . . .

Broomwood Hall was established to serve the needs of parents living locally and we have always maintained a strict catchment area policy for children under the age of 8. Other than in unusual circumstances, we will not accept a child who lives outside this area, which is (roughly) a one mile circle centred on the school, the idea being that it should be possible for children to walk to school if necessary..

For girls in the Upper School the catchment area policy is relaxed. Nevertheless we feel it is undesirable for girls to be faced with long drives to and from school.

. . .  and a Family School

We guarantee that a place will be available to younger brothers and sisters of children already within the school subject only to interview (and with the proviso that, in the case of a Lower School entrant, the family must live within our catchment area).

This policy also extends to siblings (older or younger) of boys at Northcote Lodge, which has the same sibling policy as Broomwood Hall.

Our catchment area and sibling polices have been instrumental in preserving the family atmosphere that is so much a part of the school, making it much easier for children to maintain friendships and  to attend one another's tea and birthday parties and other social activities.

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