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Beachborough School is an Independent Association Prep School (IAPS) for boys and girls aged 2 1/2 to 13 on the borders of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire.

About the school

Welcome to Beachborough, a school where learning and having fun go hand in hand. Happy children are successful children and we focus on creating an inspiring, nurturing learning adventure where each and every child can flourish.

At Beachborough we encourage children to challenge themselves without fear of failure, to try new things and be open to a wide range of experiences: take a maths challenge, join a band, sing in a choir, compete in a triathlon, build a racing car, design an App, spend the night on a warship, dress up as an ancient Egyptian, learn photography, perform Shakespeare - just have a go! Give each child opportunities and encouragement, then watch them blossom.

We enable children to embrace skills which will prepare them for lifelong learning, giving them not only the confidence and ability to think for themselves and approach problems with imagination and determination but the resilience and self-discipline to keep on trying.

Beachborough School is set in an idyllic setting on the edge of the village of Westbury; the modern facilities cluster around the lovely old stone Manor House reflecting the balance between tradition and innovation that characterises our school. The education we provide for over 370 boys and girls, combines modern ideas and state-of-the-art facilities like our new ‘Technology, Engineering and Design’ (TED) suite, with rigorous teaching and the old-fashioned values of diligence, kindness and good manners. At whatever stage your child joins us, be it Nursery and Kindergarten (2½ to 4 years), Pre-Prep (5 to 7 years) or Prep School (8 to 13 years) they will benefit enormously from the Beachborough adventure. We are quietly proud of our 100% success rate at Common Entrance and our record for scholarships, enabling every child to go on to the senior school of their choice, among them: Abingdon, Bloxham, Headington, MCS Oxford, Stowe, St Edwards and Tudor Hall.

With 35 acres of beautiful grounds, sports fields and woods, being outside in our stunning surroundings is a big part of life at Beachborough; it enriches traditional classroom teaching and makes every break time magical. From the moment a child starts in Nursery the little ones hone their skills in the Forest School in their wellies and iconic blue boiler suits – getting muddy is encouraged! As they get older their forays into nature are specifically designed as part of the academic curriculum in the new Wetlands area; field work that really brings the subject alive and teaches them vital practical skills in the process.

Beachborough is committed to an education that has the wellbeing of each child at its heart; to develop individuals who thrive and flourish in the fullest sense. We aim to equip our children to be happy and confident, form lasting relationships with others and develop strategies for coping with the challenges life throws at them – essential skills for succeeding in today’s complex, fast-moving world. Older children have the option of staying the night in Kites, our cosy Boarding House, whenever they like; this fosters their independence, strengthens their friendships and gives them the experience for boarding at senior school. With water fights, movie nights, BBQs, swimming, games in the woods – boarding nights at Beachborough might just be the best sleepovers they ever have.

Beachborough is an exciting adventure - do come and see us for yourself!

Key Facts

  • Boys' Boarding: 40 (8 to 13)
  • Girls' Boarding: 40 (8 to 13)
  • Total Pupils: 450
  • Day Fees: £3692 to £5797/term

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Fees Information

Beachborough works hard to ensure fees represent good value for the outstanding all-round education we provide. We care about being as transparent as possible and for this reason, include everything, apart from optional music lessons and some co-curricular activities in our fees. For example, although the Reception day is from 9am until 3.30pm, flexible wrap around care (including tea) is offered at no extra cost from 8am to 6pm, making this excellent value.

From Reception to Form VIII we proudly include all the following in our fees:

  • Wrap Around Care
  • Lunch and Evening Tea
  • Learning Support
  • In-Class Support
  • Most Curriculum School Trips
  • Curriculum Workshops

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Admissions Process

Prospective pupils may be registered for admission at any time after birth. Children can join in any year group in which there is space, but there are certain key years which form natural entry points when groups of new children will be starting together. These are Nursery (pupils aged 2½-4), Reception (pupils aged 4-5) and Form III (pupils aged 7-8). Once registered, we invite all children to take part in a Taster Day so that they can join their year group, meet teachers and pupils, and get an idea of what life at Beachborough is like. Children entering Pre-Prep 1 and above will complete written assessments to help us be sure we can meet their academic needs. The registration fee is non-refundable and does not constitute the offer of a place at Beachborough.

Finding out more

Westbury, Brackley, Northampstonshire, NN13 5LB
01280 700071
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Key Facts

  • Boys' Boarding: 40 (8 to 13)
  • Girls' Boarding: 40 (8 to 13)
  • Total Pupils: 450
  • Day Fees: £3692 to £5797/term
  • ISI Inspection Report

Open Days

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