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Avenue Nursery & Pre-Preparatory School is a IAPS for boys and girls aged 3 to 7+ .

The ethos of the School is the happiness of every child through a secure, friendly and exciting environment. The provision of a wide and different extra curricula programme of activities from pottery to ice skating contributes considerably towards achieving this aim.

The high staff/child ratios enable children to learn and achieve in small groups thus progressing successfully throughout the curriculum. External assessments (PIPS) are introduced in the Nursery and continued through Reception, Year 1 and 2. The results are collated and provide a useful means of tracking the progress of each child: it also aids the planning and learning needs of different children.

The School is non denominational and children of all denominations or none are welcome. Children are made aware of major religious festivals including Christmas.

Pre-Nursery children enter the School when rising 3. The staff ratio is 1:6 and the children enjoy participating in many different activities designed to promote speech and language skills, hand/eye coordination and learning to interact with peers and adults. The large garden provides many opportunities for physical activities, role play and social interaction.

The Nursery takes children from the age of 3+ for five mornings a week and the staff ratio remains at 1:6. The children build on the skills they have learned in Pre -Nursery and are also introduced to letters and numbers. Pottery is added to the curriculum plus visits offsite to places of interest.

The Reception Class is divided into two groups according to age. These groups are taught Literacy and Maths in groups of 9 and the work is differentiated so that each child is able to achieve at the level appropriate to them. French and trampolining are added to the curriculum. Children remain at school until 3pm and bring a packed lunch.

The Year 1 and 2 children’s respective class teacher remains with them throughout Key Stage 1 to ensure a seamless transition from Year 1 to 2 greatly benefitting the children’s' preparations for their future 7+ assessments. The classes follow a curriculum based on the National Curriculum but designed to enable each child to progress towards a successful outcome at 7+. Ice skating is added to the extra curricula timetable.

Children leave the School at varying stages. Some of the girls leave at 4+ and others at 7+. Boys generally stay until 7+. We have built up good relationships with other schools in the area and as members of the IAPS (since November 2009) enjoy meeting and visiting member schools.

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