Westonbirt School

Westonbirt School

Day Weekly Boarding Full Boarding Flexi Boarding Gloucestershire

Year Founded 1928
Religion Christian

Westonbirt School has a total of 172 pupils, with 55 pupils in the Sixth Form.

Day pupil fees are from £4995, per term.

Boarding pupil fees are from £9750, per term.

72 Day Girls
(10- 18)
100 Boarding Girls
(10- 18)

About Westonbirt School

At Westonbirt you will find an inspired community of young women throughout the school right up to those who are preparing to leave in Year 13 and we have dedicated and very experienced staff. Westonbirt educates girls from Year 7 through to Year 13 and offers a wealth of subjects, activities and opportunities for teaching and learning to impact on every level. Passion and commitment fuel teaching and the learning environment is rich and filled with an expectation that each girl will achieve her potential and beyond.


Westonbirt school has a flat fee structure meaning that the fees per term are the same from Year 7 to Year 13. A non-refundable Registration Fee is payable to reserve a place for your daughter at Westonbirt School, subject to her meeting the entry requirements. A deposit is then required to secure your place. This is currently £750 for day girls and £1,000 for UK and EEA boarders (£5,000 for international boarders).

Scholarships & Bursaries

Bursaries may be available to those requiring financial assistance. All bursary applications are means tested and must include a full statement of the parents’ financial status. Each will be considered in complete confidence and solely on its merits: it is not influenced by the candidate’s abilities. Bursary application forms are available on request from the Director of Admissions. Scholarships and Exhibitions are open to those entering Years 7 (11+), 9 (13+) and 12 (16+) Applications are welcome from both external and internal candidates. External candidates must register with the school prior to submitting their entry form. Scholarships are available for Academic Excellence, Art, Drama, Music, Sport and Choral (13+ & 16+ only). We also offer The Mary Henderson Performing Arts Scholarship, for all round excellence in Music, Drama and Dance.

Admissions Process

Entry to Westonbirt is through Common Entrance examinations or our own entry tests. A personal reference will also be requested from the Head of the candidate’s current school. All candidates must attend an interview at Westonbirt School, as part of the admissions procedure. 1. Common Entrance Examination Candidates being prepared for the Common Entrance Examination will sit these exams for entry into Year 7 or Year 9 (at 11+ or 13+) at Westonbirt, and this is taken at their current prep school. 2. Westonbirt School Entry examinations For all other candidates, including those joining at 12+ and 14+, admission is by sitting Westonbirt’s own tests in English and Mathematics, together with an age appropriate non-verbal Reasoning test. These are taken either at Westonbirt, at the candidate’s current school or, at another venue agreed with the Director of Admissions.



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