West Buckland Preparatory School

West Buckland Preparatory School

Day Weekly Boarding Full Boarding Devon

Our thriving co-educational Preparatory School has its own separate identity and its own special character. The pursuit of excellence and the desire to develop the full potential of each child are two fundamental aims of the school. The curriculum is broad and rich in content and the aim is to exceed the requirements of the national curriculum at all levels.

We also provide a safe, secure and caring environment for the children where they can enjoy their schooldays. Our school fosters natural curiosity and a love of all learning. It provides a broad foundation of academic skills and prepares the children for an active and purposeful life within the wider community.


Year Founded 1858
Religion Christian
Charity Commission

West Buckland Preparatory School has a total of 147 pupils.

Day pupil fees are from £2450 to £3720, per term.

Boarding pupil fees are from £7250, per term.

79 Day Boys
(3- 11)
67 Day Girls
(3- 11)
1 Boarding Girls
(11- 11)

About West Buckland Preparatory School

We help pupils to gain in confidence, enjoy new technology, understand the scientific process, and be equipped to reason and think independently. They learn how to work as part of a team and are encouraged to face challenges and to find solutions to problems.

They do all of this on our outstanding campus shared with the Senior School which provides excellent facilities. We have an indoor, heated 25 metre swimming pool, an outstanding sports complex centred on the Jonathan Edwards Sports Centre which includes numerous football, rugby and hockey pitches, several large hardcourt areas for tennis and netball and a fully equipped gymnasium and incredible facilities for Art, Design Technology and Drama provided by the stunning 150 Building.

We operate a full and busy extra-curricular programme of activities during the lunch period and after school. Children choose to participate in activities which include a range of sports, music, drama, dance, art, construction, design, library, chess, nature and cookery. There are also numerous opportunities to visit local and national places of interest.


Registration Fee: £60 Advance Deposit: Day Pupils £450, UK/EU Boarders £1,300, Non-UK/EU Borders £4,000 Note: The deposit, less any outstanding charges, will be refunded after the child has left the school. (Usually during October.) It cannot be used against the final Termly bill. Scholarships and Bursaries are awarded at the Headmasters discretion and as such, would need to be discussed with the Headmaster. Where there are at least two brothers or sisters in the school and no other reduction is granted, the tuition fee is discounted by 5% for all but the oldest.

Scholarships & Bursaries

All bursaries are awarded only after parents have completed a confidential statement of financial circumstances. This will normally be accompanied by a letter giving supporting information about the family circumstances now as well as some indication of how these circumstances may develop in the future. Details of bursary awards must remain confidential and any breach by parents may lead to withdrawal of the award.

All bursaries are subject to annual reassessment and families are required to submit a new statement of financial circumstances by May each year. Parents are expected to provide supporting documentation on request. Failure to do so or wilful provision of misleading information may lead to the withdrawal of a bursary.

Admissions Process

If you would like to know more about our school and see the pupils at work with their teachers you would be very welcome to book an appointment to meet the Prep School Headmaster and be taken on a tour of the school. Please ring the Prep School office on 01598 760629 to arrange your visit.  Alternatively you can email: prephm@westbuckland.com

There is not a formal examination into the Prep School at any stage. However, we do adhere to an entry policy and the details can be found on this website.

We always like to meet the parents and the child before making a place offer, although occasionally that is not possible. We also need to have sight of school reports where possible and relevant.

The most important aspect of the whole process is for the parents, the child and the school to be able to forge a working relationship together based on mutual trust and respect. If a parent chooses to send their child to West Buckland we expect to be able to have a partnership together to help in the development of skills, to facilitate learning and to foster all the other important qualities that children need to live a happy and successful life.

Students applying for admission to West Buckland who are attending overseas schools may not be able to visit and therefore will be asked to submit reports on their academic performance from their current school. Each application from overseas will be managed according to the individual circumstances of the student and family.



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