Uppingham School

Day Full Boarding Rutland

Uppingham School was founded in 1584 by Robert Johnson who obtained a grant by Letters Patent from Queen Elizabeth I. The transition to one of the foremost public schools of its time from an unremarkable local Grammar School took place with the arrival of the great educationalist and headmaster, Edward Thring, in 1853. His pioneering beliefs in the values of an all-round education still mark the School strongly today and have determined many of its distinguishing characteristics: that Houses should be small and family-like; that boys (and now girls) should have privacy; that an all-round education should be offered to a broad range of pupils and that children are happier and learn better in inspiring surroundings.

Year Founded 1584
Religion Christian

Uppingham School has a total of 799 pupils, with 355 pupils in the Sixth Form.

Day pupil fees are from £8171, per term.

Boarding pupil fees are from £11673, per term.

5 Day Boys
(13- 18)
4 Day Girls
(13- 18)
462 Boarding Boys
(13- 18)
328 Boarding Girls
(13- 18)

About Uppingham School

Uppingham is one of the UK’s leading boarding schools for boys and girls aged 13-18. Integrated into a small market town in rural Rutland, the beautiful setting is enhanced by the golden stone and the distinction of the School buildings. Uppingham draws around 780 pupils from all over the country and abroad and they are fortunate to live and learn in these inspiring surroundings. There are immense rewards in terms of academic and social development to be gained from the Uppingham experience and whilst the School is noted for its strong commitment to all round education, its superb pastoral care and magnificent facilities, the pupils’ academic studies are the priority. In 2015 49.2% of our A-level candidates achieved straight A*/A grades with 76% of all entries graded A*, A or B. At GCSE the A-C pass rate was 98.3% with 70.9% of all entries graded A* or A.



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