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The Maynard is a selective independent day school for girls aged 7 – 18, and the third oldest girls’ school in the country. The school is committed to maintaining its academic excellence, which is balanced with a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities. The Maynard endeavours to prepare each student for life after school, ensuring that every individual reaches her full potential. Excellence in all areas – academic, sporting or within the arts – is what the school does best.

About The Maynard School

The Maynard is a dynamic, supportive community, committed to maintaining the highest standards of education and providing exciting learning opportunities that inspire and challenge all students. It offers a world class curriculum which reflects internationalism, celebrates diversity and embraces new technologies. It is forward-looking whilst cherishing the traditions of our rich history. Girls and boys learn differently and The Maynard staff are experts in educating girls; the school's long history is testament to its ability to bring out the best in each and every one of them.

You may have heard about the excellent academic results achieved at The Maynard and the fact that over 90% of students get into their first choice university. The girls thrive in the school’s purposeful atmosphere where success comes through a sense of motivation and a determination to do well. Dedicated, talented teachers support and encourage each individual girl to exceed her expectations, in whatever context — from concert platform or playing field to the classroom.

Although Maynard girls work hard, they have a lot of fun doing it! Throughout the school there is evidence of the girls' enjoyment and their enthusiasm for learning. They leave the school as confident, adaptable and independent young women, with the ability to become successful leaders. Maynard girls have a spirit of adventure and a desire to succeed.

At the heart of The Maynard community is a caring, friendly environment to support girls’ personal and social development. Enjoyment of school is paramount as happy students achieve great things, both in and out of the classroom. Each individual is supported in whatever she wants to do, and in turn Maynard girls support each other and develop great friendships which last a lifetime. Students are encouraged to play a positive role in the local community, developing mutual respect, adaptability and self-motivation; qualities which prepare them for the challenging, fast-changing world ahead.

Life at The Maynard is brimming with possibilities!



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