St Mary's School, Cambridge

St Mary's School, Cambridge

Day Weekly Boarding Full Boarding Flexi Boarding Cambridgeshire

In our dynamic, supportive school community, every girl is known, valued and inspired. Founded in 1898, we offer an education built for girls, that allows their intellectual and social confidence to flourish.

A St Mary’s girl is known for her confidence and curiosity, her community spirit, her agile mind, her resilience and drive. Our approach to learning empowers girls to aim high in life, to follow their dreams and to make a positive contribution to society.

Year Founded 1898
Religion Christian

St Mary's School, Cambridge has a total of 660 pupils, with 100 pupils in the Sixth Form.

Day pupil fees are from £3468 to £5459, per term.

Boarding pupil fees are from £8762 to £11207, per term.

528 Day Girls
(11- 18)
132 Boarding Girls
(11- 18)

About St Mary's School, Cambridge

Girls from all faiths and secular backgrounds join our happy, diverse school community. They leave us ready for the future; equipped with the skills, qualities and values they need to pursue a life of fulfilment.


In Senior School, we offer a dynamic, nurturing environment, in which every girl is valued, supported and inspired. Our approach to learning allows intellectual and social confidence to flourish, empowering girls to aim high, to follow their dreams and to make a positive contribution to society.

As a Mary Ward School, we balance tradition with innovation. Traditional Christian values such as integrity, justice, hard work and freedom sit at the heart of our forward-looking approach to education.

Life at St Mary's is full of joy and opportunity; whether through drama, rowing, music, debate, archery, Japanese or the Duke of Edinburgh Award horizons are definitely expanded and life-long friendships are forged.



Flexi boarding fees are as follows:

£75 for one or two nights

£70 per night if it is for three nights in any one week

For further information on application fees, deposits, and inclusions and exceptions for fees, please visit the school website.  

Scholarships & Bursaries

We support academic excellence, creative and sporting talents, and those who serve the community.


Our scholarships encourage a sense of each recipient's own worth and ability. They provide opportunities for girl to develop talents for their own benefit and to benefit others.

All our scholarships are open to girls entering Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12. Except the Academic (STEM) Scholarship which is just for Year 9 and 12.


Our bursaries are discretionary, means-tested and awarded on a sliding scale based on financial need. Awards are reviewed annually with the expectation that they will decrease over time in order that as many families as possible are able to benefit from the bursary funds available.

More information about scholarships and bursaries can be found via the school website: 

Admissions Process

Our friendly Admissions team will be very happy to answer any questions you may have about joining St Mary's, either as a day pupil or boarder. They support families at every stage of the admissions process, including international students who wish to join St Mary's School.

For more information about the admissions process or to arrange a visit to the school please visit the school website:



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Forthcoming Open Days

  • Senior School Taster Workshop

    9:00 -12:00

    Explore our beautiful setting, learn about our education, experience a taste of school life and meet with key staff and pastoral teams at an Open Event.