St James Senior Boys' School

St James Senior Boys' School

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St James Senior Boys' School offers a distinctive education which unites an excellent academic preparation with development of character, generating confidence and creativity. The school's approach teaches boys to learn about themselves, their responsibilities to society and how steadfastness and happiness in this ever changing world may be discovered.

About St James Senior Boys' School

St James Senior Boys' School is situated on a 32-acre site in Ashford, Surrey. Easily accessible by train and bus, the school offers an excellent education for young men.

The philosophy and ethos of St James leads us to being a naturally caring, inclusive school. A wide variety of academic subjects are offered and the extensive extra-curricular programme means boys can throw themselves into the school, absorbing knowledge, gaining experience and having fun across all activities. From sports to academia, if your son shows an interest in it, we will endeavour to make it a part of his life at St James.



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