St Edmund's College

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As you enter the grounds of St Edmund’s College, you cannot help but be impressed by the grandeur of its buildings and delightful location, set in 400 acres of rural countryside. It stems from the College’s Catholic heritage dating back to 1568, where classical buildings in an exquisite setting were important elements in the spiritual life of the priests and scholars who spent their days there. The Catholic faith and approach to education remain the fundamental bedrock of St Edmund’s today, whilst embracing students from other faiths and denominations.

St Edmund's College has a total of 118 pupils, with 147 pupils in the Sixth Form.

62 Boarding Boys
(11- 18)
56 Boarding Girls
(11- 18)

About St Edmund's College

The school combines excellent facilities and teaching standards with a friendly atmosphere and a strong emphasis on mutual respect. The community spirit of the school encourages students to develop as individuals, to pursue their own interests and achieve their goals, both in academic and extra-curricular activities and not to be afraid of a challenge. Pastoral care is very important at St Edmund’s where the happiness and welfare of the students is paramount. They are taught that other people matter, and respect and support for each other goes right to the heart of the school's ethos. For the younger pupils, St Edmund’s Prep, which is located on the same site, offers a sound preparation for the Senior School, providing a healthy balance between academic work and recreational activities with plenty of opportunity for creativity and physical exercise. Staff at the Senior School are focused on ensuring that students realise their potential so that they can be capable of achieving whatever they want when they leave school. The Sixth Form is run like an undergraduate community with strong individual support, extra freedom and responsibilities. St Edmund’s does not turn out stereotypes. By the time they leave school, the students are confident and caring team players, but most importantly they are secure individuals, comfortable in their own skin and ready to contribute to society. For further details about St Edmund’s College and St Edmund’s Prep, please call the Admissions Office on 01920 824247 or visit



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