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Bede's is a coeducational independent school for 13-19 year olds.

The School is set in 140 beautiful acres of the Sussex Downs and is situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Special Scientific Interest.

Our current student roll is 750, with over 300 of our students boarding at one of our 5 stunning boarding houses which were recognised by the Institute of Chartered Surveyors in 2013 for their Outstanding Design and Innovation.

Bede's is a place where every pupil is truly treated as an individual and where we enrich young people in a holistic way - not only for success in the material sense but in ways which enable them to flourish meaningfully, as rounded human beings.

Bede's has a total of 750 pupils, with 337 pupils in the Sixth Form.

295 Day Boys
(13- 18)
161 Day Girls
(13- 18)
175 Boarding Boys
(13- 18)
119 Boarding Girls
(13- 18)

About Bede's

Bede's inspires young people to achieve in every facet of their educational experience.

To do this, we place the individual and their passions at the heart of what we do.

Our philosophy of breadth and excellence in the academic curriculum as well as our range of cultural, aesthetic, intellectual and sporting activities outside the classroom serves our pupils' uniqueness very well.

Most importantly, these enriching experiences are open to everyone and not just an elite few.

Pupils, teachers and parents all have roles to play in the Bede's community, and we encourage everyone to set their sights high.

Our aim is for each child to make an outstanding contribution in all aspects of their lives: in school, in the local community and the wider world.

We will do everything we can to make that happen.



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Forthcoming Open Days

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