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Day Weekly Boarding Dorset

Sherborne School is an independent, all-boys, full boarding school, for pupils aged between thirteen and eighteen. Founded in 1550, built around Sherborne Abbey, in one of the most beautiful, bustling small market towns in the country it is surrounded by the rolling Dorset countryside in a truly unique setting. The benefits and advantages of the peaceful setting are enhanced by the ease of transport to London with a direct line train station from Sherborne to Waterloo.

Year Founded 1550
Religion Non-denominational

Sherborne School has a total of 559 pupils, with 217 pupils in the Sixth Form.

Day pupil fees are from £10475, per term.

Boarding pupil fees are from £12925, per term.

31 Day Boys
(13- 18)
528 Boarding Boys
(13- 18)

About Sherborne School

Defining what makes any school individual is not easy. All schools strive to provide the best education they can, which often comes down to academic success, a caring pastoral environment and a busy extra-curricular life. Sherborne offers all these, thriving on the balance between tradition and constant innovation and improvement. As an academic school, Sherborne supports and challenges every boy to realise his potential, whatever his ability. As university places become increasingly competitive, excellent exam results are the goal. But we believe that the best route to academic success is not through exam technique, though that has its place, but through making academic study exciting. We show boys how to think and learn independently, so that critical, structured thinking becomes a habit. As an all-boys school, we can use our lengthy experience of educating boys to shape our approach to their often different interests and learning styles, pastoral needs, and rates of development. As a boarding school, Sherborne is in a privileged position to develop not only each boy's academic potential, but also his sporting, musical and artistic skills, and his spiritual and social awareness. Our House system is vital in ensuring that each boy's school life is fulfilled and secure; it is in the House that boys learn to balance the needs of the individual with those of the larger community and where they are most likely to make life-long friendships. And finally, as part of the town's community of schools, we have particularly close links with Sherborne Girls and with whom boys regularly socialise and with whom we share the teaching of some A-level classes. For an all-boys school, it is a unique position to be in. But this is not an exhaustive list of Sherborne's strengths. Please do visit and discover for yourself how we offer an education that allows boys to excel. You can be sure of a warm welcome. We look forward to introducing you to the spirit that is Sherborne.


Scholarships & Bursaries

Sherborne offers Sports, Music, Art, DT, Drama as well as Academic Scholarships at 13+ entry. At 16+, we offer Academic Scholarships, Music and Sports awards Scholarships take place in Year 8.

At 13+ entry we use the Common Academic Scholarship Examination (CASE) papers alongside our own assessment papers. Questions are based on the Common Entrance syllabus. Our assessments take place over three days in the February of Year 8 and will include an academic interview with a senior member of staff..

Scholarships may be worth up to 10% of termly fees, excluding extras. A number of closed awards, with accompanying financial benefits are also available to boys being assessed for awards.

In line with the School’s charter and the objectives of the Charity, Sherborne is committed to widening access through offering eligible families bursaries up to a 100% discount of fees. They are means tested and are made on the basis of an assessment of a family’s financial circumstances. Bursaries are available to Scholars and other award holders, as well to current boys where there has been a change in parental circumstances.

The cost of bursaries is supplemented through funding from donations and legacies, largely thanks to our generous and passionate Alumni.

Admissions Process

The journey towards a place at Sherborne starts at least two years before admission. By the time a boy is in Year 6, we encourage families to have visited the School, followed by registration. As boys start the admissions process in Year 7, we then begin to involve them in life at Sherborne through a series of events. We warmly encourage families to visit the School as often as they like and our Admissions team keep in regular contact to answer any questions.

Sherborne is a moderately selective School and all boys wishing to gain entry must sit our entrance assessment, following registration with us. Formal selection days takes place in the January of Year 7, after which we make our offers.

Our Admissions process is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. We recognise the enormity of this decision for parents and want to help them navigate through the process as much as we can.

We are currently receiving 2 to 3 applications for each place, the number of applicants having risen considerably over the last few years.

The overwhelming majority of boys come from UK based families, especially those in the South West, South East London and Home Counties, with a sprinkling from the rest of the UK and overseas.


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