S. Anselm's Preparatory School

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Welcome to S. Anselm's School. S. Anselm's is one of the country's leading independent co-educational prep schools. Sitting on the crest of a hill in the glorious Peak District it offers outstanding academic, sporting and extra-curricular opportunities to all pupils. We actively welcome children of all abilities at the school and pride ourselves on cherishing each individual child and allowing their full potential to shine through.

S. Anselm's Preparatory School has a total of 195 pupils.

82 Day Boys
(3- 13)
74 Day Girls
(3- 13)
27 Boarding Boys
(8- 13)
12 Boarding Girls
(8- 13)

About S. Anselm's Preparatory School

S. Anselm’s sits on the crest of a hill in the heart of the Peak District- a beacon of excellence in all it does. All parents seek an environment where their children can remain children for as long as possible. Here at S. Anselm’s it is just so! Through everything we do this ethos remains steadfast. We are proud of our tradition and are not ashamed to say that the values we hold dear are the very reason this school is quite unique. Here our pupils are encouraged to be themselves; they are genuinely excited about learning and have a real thirst for knowledge. They thrive in the music and art rooms, and on the games field and stage. Pupils adore this school and are justly proud of all they do. They love learning and there is a true sense of fun. Our small class sizes ensure our staff can plan their teaching to ensure every pupil is treated as an individual. Each child is cared for and nurtured in every way they need. Our teaching staff simply want the very best for all our pupils and will do all they can to help them achieve their own personal best. At the very centre of our values is creativity – whether through the individual or the community. It is creativity in thought and every aspect of life that sets a S. Anselm’s pupil apart from others. We encourage our children to be creative in their thinking and their play and strongly believe in the importance of nurturing an environment where they can fully and confidently explore their individuality. This is a kind, caring and tolerant school and we are quite sure this wonderful environment will make a lasting impression on all who visit.



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