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Peponi House Preparatory School is an IAPS day prep school for children aged 6 to 13.

About Peponi House Preparatory School

The school is in Lower Kabete, a lovely green suburb to the north west of Nairobi. We have 11 acres of grounds, so there is plenty of room for the 360 children to play and to grow. Classes are kept to a maximum of 20 in the Junior Department (Years 2 to 4) but may reach more than 20 in the Senior Department (Years 5 to 8). Numbers have risen in the last three years from 287 in 2006 to the current level, with more than 370 projected for September 2013, which would represent near full capacity.

The school began 26 years ago with a handful of children and a few teachers. There are now 34 full time teachers, together with 7 classroom assistants and 4 part-time games coaches. The school is well equipped with good resources in all areas, a lovely swimming pool, two libraries and three tennis courts. The school is fully networked with good internet access and there are currently twelve interactive whiteboards in various locations, a number that is set to increase again in September. All Junior classrooms have ceiling-mounted data projectors. This year, we opened a new music school, comprising a large teaching room, 2 offices and 11 practice rooms.

We follow the British National Curriculum and the Common Entrance syllabus, but there is a distinctly Kenyan feel to what we do. The children have the option to learn Kiswahili from Year 6 and there are field trips to the Coast, the Rift Valley, Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains. All members of staff are actively encouraged to experience as much of the country as possible. Sport plays a major role in the lives of the children and of the teachers, as is the case in any good prep school.

The children play cricket, rounders, hockey, rugby and netball as major sports, along with athletics, cross-country, tennis and football as minor sports. We also swim all year round although the January term is our main swimming term, with a flourishing swimming club before and after school.

The school is a happy, vibrant place full of polite and friendly children who work hard and play hard. We encourage respect for each other and there is a wonderful mix of children from different cultures and backgrounds. There is a 50/50 gender balance within the school and we also have a very good mix of cultures, faiths and ethnic backgrounds. There are currently over forty different nationalities within the school.

Peponi House is a member of IAPS and the ten Kenyan IAPS schools now constitute their own District, with a representative on Council. This considerable achievement reflects the excellence of the schools in Kenya and the high standards, both in and out of the classroom, that we attain.



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