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The High School is an independent day school (HMC), founded in 1513, which relocated to the Arboretum in 1867 and become co-educational from 2015. A Junior School was established in 1905, moved into new accommodation in 1978 and admitted infants in September 2008.

The High School foundation includes the Infant and Junior School (ages 4 – 11) with over 250 pupils. The Senior School selects for entry at age 11+ and 16+. The School’s vision is to be the strongest in the region in all aspects of its provision. The School runs a wide and varied programme of co-curricular activities.The Infant and Junior Head is in membership of IAPS. Staff from cluster groups of local independent schools and national large day schools meet annually.

Year Founded 1553

Nottingham High Infant & Junior School has a total of 252 pupils.

243 Day Boys
(4- 11)
9 Day Girls
(4- 11)

About Nottingham High Infant & Junior School

Nottingham High Infant and Junior School is a selective school, with high academic, cultural and sporting standards, which aims to develop each pupil’s potential and personality to the full.

The Infant section focuses on Early Years and Key Stage One education, and the Junior section Key Stage Two.

In both age ranges we aim to work in a caring, stimulating environment, providing a friendly, welcoming, yet efficient atmosphere where education is tailored to pupils’ learning needs, is relevant and changing. We encourage each child’s development and promote their confidence, social responsibility, self-worth and integrity, as well as their talents and range of interests. Staff encourage enough freedom to build self-esteem and trust, whilst maintaining stability and individuality.  

The Infant section occupies its own site across the road from the Nottingham High School campus. It has some exceptional buildings which were converted for its use in 2007. The original Infant section building was sympathetically extended in 2009 to provide a hall, music room, art room, information and communication technology (ICT) suite, dining room and additional teaching rooms. Infant pupils use some of the sporting facilities of the Senior School campus, including the swimming pool. The slightly separated site provides almost entirely self-contained safe accommodation. The Infant section is fortunate to have a developed, secure school garden where the pupils play and learn outside. The garden is a perfect place for the pupils to continue their learning. The pupils make regular visits to other parts of the campus for club and other extra-curricular activities. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is located on the ground floor of the school building with direct access to its own play area and school garden.

The Junior section occupies the western part of the Nottingham High School site in purpose built accommodation, built in 1978 and further developed in 2012, with its own specialist teaching facilities in science, computing, design and art, and its own dining room. The Junior section uses the Senior School Sports Hall, swimming pool (also used by the Infants) and sports fields, at Valley Road, some ten minutes drive away.

We feel that the dual site arrangement helps to provide nurturing and supportiveness and the best educational experiences and facilities for all our pupils. The secure enclosed site for Early Years and Key Stage One at the Infant School and the Junior section on the main school site helps to provide specialist teaching facilities and close links to the excellent facilities of the Senior School.

Admissions Process

The main entry point is at the age of four for Reception and Year 3, although pupils can join in other years if there are spaces available. The catchment area is extensive so pupils come from a wide range of environments. Entry is by an assessment process which is held in the Spring Term. Any entry to the School is considered on individual merit based on criteria including standardised tests. External entry is by assessment and on ability only, the Governing Body being aware that filling places to simply maintain numbers is, in the end, counter-productive.

The majority of the pupils come from a wide range of background and the School is committed to maintaining entry from the state and independent sectors.



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