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King Edward's Witley

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King Edward's School believes in a holistic approach to education and offers a blend of forward-thinking and traditional values that provides a secure environment in which young people can be nurtured through the transition to adulthood. Pupils from a very wide variety of academic, social, economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds are successfully integrated into a community in which all individuals can thrive and where boarding and day pupils develop and grow in an atmosphere in which co-operation, mutual respect and independence of thought are highly valued. We are a well established International Baccalaureate School and we offer the IB Diploma course in our Sixth Form as well as the newly reformed A-levels. 

Year Founded 1553
Religion Christian

King Edward's Witley has a total of 401 pupils, with 164 pupils in the Sixth Form.

Day pupil fees are from £5325 to £7095, per term.

Boarding pupil fees are from £10925 to £11350, per term.

178 Day Boys
(11- 18)
42 Day Girls
(11- 18)
119 Boarding Boys
(11- 18)
62 Boarding Girls
(11- 18)

About King Edward's Witley

King Edward's School is a first class independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 11-18, where excellent facilities and dedicated teaching promote high achievement in every sphere of life. King Edward's is a successful school. Since its foundation in 1553, King Edward's has invariably been ahead of its time without losing sight of its traditional strengths. It is a co-educational school of long standing, the entire campus has been designed with co-education in mind, and most of the school's activities are geared towards mixed groups. The unique paired houses allow boys and girls to mix naturally, and are particularly valued by parents whose sons and daughters attend the school and can be placed in adjacent accommodation. Day pupil's involvement in life on campus is completely flexible, enabling them to stay on after lessons to complete their prep, take supper and participate in the many activities open to King Edward's pupils. Accommodation is available for them to stay when necessary, whether for a single night or a week or more. Those who wish to simply finish school and go straight home are equally free to do so. This genuine equality of opportunity and treatment is a distinctive, if not unique, feature of the school, which goes as far as the inclusion of all items of uniform, games kit, books and stationery in the term fees. In such a positively motivated environment it will come as no surprise to learn that pupils with special needs or learning difficulties invariably find the environment at King Edward's, with its strong pastoral and caring philosophy, one in which they, too, can thrive. The school offers a range of scholarships and bursaries to help those with particular academic, artistic or musical abilities, and others who are specifically in need of boarding education. The fact that King Edward's School was founded in 1553 does not mean we are stuck in the past, it means that we have deeper foundations on which to build our pupils' future.


Our objective is to ensure that assistance is sufficient to cover the child’s continuance at the School.

Strong links with the City Livery Companies and other charitable institutions enable us to recommend other sources of funding in cases of additional need. These can help raise the level of support for those in greatest need to something approaching 100% of fees.

Additional means-tested support is available to current pupils for some school trips and instrumental music lessons.

Scholarships & Bursaries


Bursarial assistance (provided by the School’s Foundation and the City of London, usually to a maximum of 50% of the fees) is offered to families where boarding or the King Edward’s style of education is a particular need. Applicants must satisfy the normal academic criteria for entry. Examples of qualifying circumstances usually include some form of trauma in the family such as the loss of a parent, where one or both parents are seriously ill or where there is a chronically ill or disabled sibling demanding much attention and time, with the result that the parent is unable to devote enough time to the child’s needs. The children of clergy, missionaries and other special circumstances may also be considered.

The level of the bursary awarded depends on the family’s total income and assets and need as outlined. Each case is assessed annually in the light of any changed circumstances and, whilst there is no undertaking to align any increases with any rise in the school fees, once awarded, a bursary normally applies for the duration of a pupil’s school career at King Edward’s.


Academic scholarships (up to 30% of fees) may be awarded at ages 11 and 13 on the basis of performance in the entrance tests, interview and competitive examination. Scholarships are tenable for the duration of a pupil’s time at the School, subject to continuing good performance.

Admissions Process

Our Admissions Team can be contacted on or 01428 686735. They will be happy to talk to you about the next steps, including booking Open Mornings, private visits to the School, registration and the entrance test process.

Those looking to join us in Year 7 and Year 9 are required to sit entrance tests in Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning in the January of the year of entry. We also offer Pre-Testing for those looking for Year 9 entry. 

For potential Sixth Form pupils taking GCSE’s and IGCSE’s, we require six 9-4 grades including Maths and English.



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