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At Bryanston our aim is to develop well-balanced 18-year-olds, ready to go out into the wider world, to lead happy and fulfilling lives and to contribute, positively and generously.

We provide every pupil with individual attention and support. The school's tailored approach means that pupils benefit from extensive one-to-one time with their tutor providing the academic and pastoral encouragement they need to achieve their full potential as individuals. We believe pupils do best when they learn to relish every opportunity and discover their own individual talents and interests, exploring them to the best of their abilities. Pupils are encouraged to experience a wide range of academic subjects and extra-curricular activities, all of which helps them to discover areas where they can flourish and excel.

Education is not about moulding, nor are children end products. We believe that education is an exciting process, organic and ongoing; that pupils learn better actively, growing up in secure surroundings, than if passively taught; that to lead successful lives, at school and beyond, each needs to be prepared to give of his or her own talents and to value those of others.

Year Founded 1928

Bryanston School has a total of 686 pupils.

Day pupil fees are from £9405, per term.

Boarding pupil fees are from £11469, per term.

38 Day Boys
(13- 18)
47 Day Girls
(13- 18)
336 Boarding Boys
(13- 18)
265 Boarding Girls
(13- 18)

About Bryanston School

Scholarships & Bursaries

Bryanston offers scholarships at both 13+ and 16+. Awards range in value from honorary up to 25% of the fees. The remission may be augmented by a bursary if parents are able to demonstrate, through a means-testing process, that they could not otherwise send their child to Bryanston.

A bursary can stand alone or supplement scholarships.

Admissions Process

Junior admissions

Most pupils join the school at 13+, having passed Common Entrance examinations in June of their year of entry. Pupils are expected to achieve a minimum of 50% in all papers to qualify for a place. We do not accept Level 1 papers. Pupils who apply for and are awarded an academic scholarship do not need to sit Common Entrance.

Prospective pupils who do not attend a prep school and who have therefore not been prepared for Common Entrance have to pass an entrance examination set by the school, in February of the year of entry, in English, maths, science and a modern foreign language. Particularly able pupils may sit additional papers and be considered for an academic award (further details on request).

If space is available it may be possible to join the school’s second year, for the start of GCSE courses, but this is not a normal point of entry. The pupil will be asked to pass our entrance exams and a report will be obtained from the current school. There will also be an interview with the Head. The offer of a place will depend on appropriate academic ability and a suitable character reference.

Junior application procedure

A prospective pupil may be registered for admission at any time after birth. Most prospective parents visit the school at least three years before the child is due to join. The first visit to the school will usually be as part of a small group, during which time there will be a welcome from the Head or Director of Admissions, a tour of the school by a pupil and an interactive session with a housemaster/housemistress to explore the academic and pastoral structures of the school. An individual family visit can then be arranged at a later stage for the Head or Director of Admissions to meet with the child and parents. 

A non-returnable fee is payable at the time of registration.


Admission to the sixth form

Bryanston’s aim is to admit a mixture of students who will integrate happily and successfully into the existing community, enhance its balance of ability and talent and make full use of the opportunities the school offers. Students entering the sixth form are expected to achieve a minimum of 50 points at GCSE (where A* = 8, A = 7, B = 6, C = 5) and most heads of department recommend at least an A grade at GCSE for subjects relevant to sixth form study. Admissions are through standard entry, or through academic, music or sport scholarships. Music and sport scholarship winners will also be required to meet the academic entry requirements.

Sixth form application procedure

Applications will be accepted one year in advance, i.e. at the beginning of a candidate’s final GCSE year. Before submitting an application, candidates may attend one of two Information Afternoons held during the first half of the autumn term. These offer an opportunity to see the school and meet members of staff.

Applicants for standard entry will be required to attend one of three Test and Interview Days, which will be held in the autumn term. On the day, A level candidates will sit either a general English paper or a general maths paper and an abilities test. IB candidates will sit both general English and general maths papers and an abilities test. In addition all candidates will be interviewed by the Head and other members of staff. Considerable importance is attached to the report from the candidate’s current school.



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