Brighton College Prep School

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Brighton College Prep School is a IAPS for boys aged 3 to 13 and girls aged 3 to 13 in East Sussex.

About Brighton College Prep School

Brighton College Prep School is a co-educational family school that is characterised by a friendly and caring atmosphere.

The school's staff values the privilege of educating children and provides the pupils with a very broad curriculum, supported by a large range of clubs, activities, competitions and trips. We seek to give the pupils an enjoyable and challenging education with each child being encouraged to fulfil his or her potential. The school recognises that individual pupils differ in talent, skills and temperament and strives for the highest standards whilst emphasising support and encouragement.

The school seeks to encourage and praise high standards of achievement but prioritises the reward and pursuit of whole-hearted effort. Brighton College Prep School also places the highest importance on the development of character. In keeping with its Christian foundation, the school encourages all its pupils to consider the effects of their actions on others and to develop principles of integrity, commitment, faithfulness, honesty, loyalty, kindness and service to others. This is reflected in the school's code of conduct, which is based around self-respect, respect for others and respect for the school. We welcome pupils of all faiths.

Brighton College Prep School recognises that education is at its most successful when it is a strong partnership with parents and regular two-way contact and communication with parents is encouraged.



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