Bablake Junior School

Day West Midlands

Bablake Junior School educates boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 11, helping them to do their best in all aspects of life whilst specifically preparing them for Bablake School entry at 11. Everyone works hard and the calm, disciplined environment encourages a happy, aspirational community.

About Bablake Junior School

Bablake Junior School offers an outstanding academic education within a calm and disciplined environment, smaller classes, individual attention and a truly all round education with extensive sport and varied activities.

Our fees remain amongst the lowest in the sector whilst our performance is amongst the best. We are part of Bablake, one of the country's leading independent schools, allowing families to access an excellent education from pre school to university. Children can join our school at any time as places exist. Many start in Kindergarten, Reception or in Year 3 from local primary or independent schools. Our pupils join Bablake School when they are 11.

Engaging lessons mean that all of our pupils are stimulated, inspired to work hard and want to do their best. These endeavours are supported by their peers and their homes. All achievement and application is valued and our pupils take part in a great variety of sport, drama, music and other cultural activity. Participation and the pursuit of excellence underpins all that we do.



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