Ardingly College Preparatory School

Ardingly College Preparatory School

Day Weekly Boarding West Sussex

'Our task is not to prepare our children for one thing; our task is to help them learn how to prepare themselves for anything’.A.J Juliani

Ardingly College Preparatory School has a total of 302 pupils.

164 Day Boys
(7- 13)
138 Day Girls
(7- 13)

About Ardingly College Preparatory School


When children move into Year 3, they join the Prep School where they start to shape their world. They learn to take responsibility for their decisions, reflect on their actions and build resilience. Passions are discovered and talents realised whilst knowledge and skills are developed. Learning comes to life as they relate and apply their learning to real-life situations. As children move further up the school, we prepare them for the challenges they may face as they find their way in the world.

Best for the pupils’ development is a programme that saw us, pupils and staff, working together closely. We want the pupils to develop independence so we teach them how to prepare themselves for anything. This development is based on 4 words ending in US. The characteristics: AdventuroUS, GeneroUS, CurioUS, and IngenioUS are the characteristics we are looking for our pupils to develop. They are easy to define and easy to remember. Below they are listed with some definition and there also follows a vast list of skills that could be taught and developed.

Whilst The Ardingly Way remain as our core values (behaviours), the Shaping My World characteristics are the very essence of our Culture and embedded in everything we do: in lessons, assemblies, on the games field, in music, in drama, in art and around school and at home too. It is taught as a discrete subject in one form time a week and there are bespoke Shaping My World days during the course of the year when a clear focus is given to the respective characteristics. At the end of the Trinity Term, we deliver a two week educational festival of Shaping My World to embed the culture in everyone’s hearts and minds at a challenging yet exciting time in the school year.


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