About the Attain App

Keeping up-to-date with events and activities at school can be challenging for parents. Schools send lots of emails, newsletters and social media posts – but it can often be too much. Attain has a solution which will help both parents and schools.

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How the app can help you

For parents, keeping up-to-date with events and activities at school can be challenging. Schools send regular emails and have embraced social media in an attempt to more easily 'connect' with parents. Unfortunately, in many cases, this means there are too many channels for parents to follow and important school content gets lost in a timeline. Emails arrive in an already full inbox and important messages disappear amongst other things. Parents are very busy and it is becoming harder and harder to keep up with the flow of information.

Of course, there are lessons for some schools to learn when it comes to how to communicate effectively to parents – try finding a parent who hasn't grumbled about the sheer quantity of messages coming home from school! But at the same time, try finding a Head who is not equally frustrated by the numerous parents who are not aware of a particular communication despite it being sent to them.

We know from discussions with lots of schools there is a problem to be fixed and – after a pilot project last term – we have developed a solution which will make parents' lives easier whilst also helping schools. Parents will no longer need to keep one eye on the school website and another on various social media channels: we have developed an app which brings all this content together into one place. The new Attain app enables parents to view the latest school news, notices and calendars. They can also view a school's social media feeds without these being mixed in with other content. And to make it even more helpful for parents, additional content from Attain can also be enjoyed directly in the app. Parents can dip into a full range of articles from experts in their field on parenting issues, curriculum, politics and the latest education thinking. Together it offers detailed guidance on all the issues affecting children at independent schools.

As part of this, Attain is evolving to become a 'digital first' publisher and we will be releasing new content to our app first, with our print magazine maturing to become a showcase for the very best of this content. After nearly fifteen years producing Attain, we always have more requests to write for the magazine than we can accommodate. With our new 'digital first' strategy, Heads can contribute more easily, providing parents with an even greater range of useful and supportive parenting features.

We hope you will find the app a useful and worthwhile addition, as we continue to fulfil our aim of supporting parents with the most useful content. And if the new app goes some way to solving a few parental – and school – frustrations along the way, that would be even better.

How can schools get involved?

Schools need an account on our Pressburst system – already in use by over half the sector – and which can be used free-of-charge, albeit with restrictions. To gain the full benefits requires Pressburst membership but this is inexpensive (click here for details). Schools can customise the branding and add news, notices, social media and a calendar feed via the easy to use Pressburst system. For schools who would like a fully bespoke app developed, which has the same functionality but is fully customised for their school, this is also available at an additional cost.

What do parents need to do?

Parents simply download the Attain app for their mobile or tablet and enter the special ‘School Access Key’ (unique per school) to customise the content to their child’s school. This provides full access to all news, notices and the school calendar feed. The app is free for parents to use. No registration is required.